Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lots of Cooking!

Monday, October 13, 2014

We made blondies today! They were so GOOD!!! We also ate Tongas in the house of Lizardo, our convert. It is rice and chicken with a peanut butter sauce that they wrap in banana leaves and then cook in a fire. We will try this when y'all come to pick me up!

Sister Conference and General Conference!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Photos from the Sisters Conference October 1st! In the bus to Guayaquil at 6 AM! With Hermana Saucedo my compaƱera from 4 transfers ago! 

With Hermana Quist, Hermana Saucedo and Hermana Vera. Nurses! With Hermana Blas! She picked me up from the office on my first day in Ecuador.

The Guillem Family!

We used the Gel Pens to take notes during the Conference! It was perfect for Julia! Who knew all you needed was gel pens to get a 15 year old to pay attention to conference! Thanks for the gift mom, I'm addicted to them!  

No Cambios!!!!

Transfers happened last night and guess what......... I DIDN'T have cambios! YAY! I have at least 6 more weeks in Portoviejo. A lot happened this week we had the sisters conference and traveled to Guayaquil which is always fun but tiresome. We also had general conference this weekend so we were busy making invitations and inviting everybody. The conference was PERFECT for our investigador, Mariana. She practices a spiritual practice called Tao which originated in China. She believes in the book of Mormon and bible but also in other books that have been written by other religions etc. She also believes in reincarnation. She is an engineer and is a reference from my last convert, Lizardo. She is awesome, prayers for her please. Don't have any more time left but hope everyone has a great week! 

Say your prayers
Read your scriptures
Go to church
Have family Home Evenings
Attend the temple regularly

Richard G. Scott said it all.  

Hna. Lyman


Monday, September 29, 2014

La Familia Guillem.  Hermana Guillem has cancer, kidney failure- with dialysis, diabetes, and a broken foot.  She looks so beautiful!  We have been teaching them for 5 weeks now and they are pretty much family. 

We have been on a lot of road trips lately.  Always traveling to Guayaquil or Manta.