Saturday, April 26, 2014


So this week I had my first transfer. Almost cant believe that I am 9 months into my mission and finally had my first cambio. I am still in Guayaquil but more central western part of the city in Portete. I really like the area it is a lot nicer and cleaner than La Florida but also a lot harder to teach. We live in a gated urbanization in a cute little house and we have started running in the mornings again. We run to a bridge that's over one of the rivers that flows through Guayaquil. There is a little park in our neighborhood that has a running course. I am still with Hermana Saucedo and 2 other Hermanas live our house also. One is from Argentina and I love her accent in Spanish! She is way fun and reminds me of you mom. So far we have only had one day in the sector this week...more like half a day because we have been going to doctor appointments etc. We had a small group of new missionaries arrive this week and half of them got sick. Without fail several of the newbies got sick, every time. Last night I was in the ER with a Hermana until midnight for swelling, inflammation, and redness to both legs. The doppler ultrasound of her legs took almost 2 hours! I am becoming well known in these clinics. I got a little homesick being in the ER.

Hoping we can find people to teach, the sector is small and we know absolutely nobody. The sector includes 4 gated neighborhoods and also a sector with housing for the policia. This Sunday we are excited to meet some members and get some references for less active families.

With love,
H. Lyman

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Updates from Ecuador

This week was a really good week. The other 3 hermanas that live with us are ALL sick. So we have been in and out of clinics since Thursday! They are all doing better now but it has been quite heck-tic. I am loving being in the makes me want to go back to school that much more! I am developing more love for Guayaquil and not sure if I´m wanting to leave it whenever time for transfers comes. My companion and I started working out in the mornings which has been great. It makes the rest of the day run smoother. We have stake conference today and tomorrow and our investigador Jorge is going. He is AWESOME. He is so prepared and started reading the Book of Mormon on Sunday and has already read to 2 Nephi 18. Sister Smith and I contacted him one day in the street back in January and visited him twice. His neighbor is the second counselor to the bishop and invited him to go to church this last Sunday and he went. He attended a baptism with us yesterday and is so excited to get baptized! He showed up in a suit and tie with his Book of Mormon. He was singing the hymns quite loudly and it was the coolest thing ever. It is so amazing to see the change in people that the gospel brings.

H. Lyman