Saturday, June 28, 2014


I Love Manabi. Love it Love it Love it!

The town of Portoviejo is so neat, reminds me a lot of Fredricksberg, TX. The houses are so old but it has a nice small town feel. The apartment we live in is so beautiful and we have HOT water! Could I ask for anything more?? Haha! I will send pictures next week. There are a lot of people here with light eyes and skin so I pretty much fit in here as a native! They eat a lot more seafood here because it is only about 45 minutes to Manta, the coast. Ceviche is a popular dish that has fish, shrimp, lime, tomatoe, and herbs. It is like a shrimp cocktail on steriods. 

Our bishop is awesome and every Saturday we have a movie night in the church for the ward and investigadors which has turned out to be very successful. The spirit is always super strong and it is great for animating our investigators to attend church the next day.

We have 3 investigadores that are so awesome and progressing really well. President Dennis has been directing us towards really teaching the doctrine well and not inviting people to be baptized until after teaching about the Resturation and bauptism and confirmation unless the spirit indicates otherwise. That the people need to understand who they are and their value. We now start almost every first lesson with teaching about the nature and purpose of the Godhead, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. How they function and their natures. As well as who we are as children of God and our value and potential. My favorite scripture to share for this is Romans 8: 16-17. President Dennis shared with us Moses 1 several times and how when we know who we are and our value, Satan does not have power over us. Guayaquil as a city (including all 3 missions) has the most baptisms than anyother city in the world. Elder Waddell from the 70 at the tri-mission conference we had 2 weeks ago said he wants to see it be the city with the most retention. That baptism without the temple ordenances doesnt value anything. I have the BEST mission president in the world.  He truely only cares about converts.  

Love and Miss yall,
H. Lyman

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