Monday, October 7, 2013

The Work Continues

Well 2 months have already past and I'm beginning to think this is all I've ever known. lol I´m still struggling with Spanish and it is hard not to get down about it. Even though I am getting used to things here, I am beginning to miss American food! One interesting thing about our apartment is that there are square holes in the walls that are open to the outside without windows... only metal bar things. This means that birds and even a cat got into our apartment one time and used the bathroom all over the living room! It's crazy that there is always bird feathers and dust all over the apt. We also don't have washing machines so I have been washing all of my clothes by hand. Things are going well though just wish I could speak SPANISH!!! We are having difficulty with people not being married here. We have 2 investigators that are so sweet, but one is pregnant with her 6th child and her spouse doesn't know if he wants to get married to her, and the
other is a 14 year old with a baby and its the same story. It is so sad because they are so eager to be baptized. The people here are very humble and accepting of the gospel. We are praying for these two so we will see what happens. 

This week we celebrated Sarah, the Mission President´s daughter, 15th birthday. She is such a sweet girl and very mature for her age. I wish I could send more pictures however we use public computers that we pay to use and my companion said that her camera card got a virus one time so I´m scared to try. However I only have a few pictures from Ecuador from our first baptism. It is not safe here to carry around a camera or anything of value. 

Love and miss everyone,
Hermana Lyman

Packages cant be over 4 pounds or I have to pay $80 or so to get them from the post office.
Hermana Trissa Michelle Lyman
Ecuador Guayaquil West Mission
Casilla De Correo 09-04-206
Guayaquil, Guayas Ecuador

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