Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 3 in Ecuador!


This week has flown by unlike the first two weeks. Ecuador is beginning to feel like a reality and part of my life. I am beginning to love the people and the city more and more. The ward is great and shows us so much support. Our bishop is all about missionary work and even goes out with us tracting sometimes. Our baptism last week went very well. My companion and I actually sang a duet at his baptism which I would have NEVER done in the states. We sing all the time here and I actually enjoy it very much. He also asked me to give the closing prayer in English. Richard is a 19 year old who is attending school and working. We are the 2nd set of missionaries that he has gone through and he has progressed so much! He wants to learn English so badly and I have actually been teaching him these last two weeks. He now knows how to pray and bear his testimony in English. Today we have another baptism of an 11 year old boy Leyton.

This week we had a 2 day conference for the 17 new missionaries that arrived from the CCM in Mexico and in Colombia. My companion and I did preventative teaching and handed out first-aid kits and teaching charts that we had made. We have already had 5 of those missionaries call us with gastro-intestinal problems and sickness from the altitude changes etc. Due to the change of health insurance for the Church, we are having to have a list of Doctors, Clinics, Imaging, and Laboratories that we plan to use in the Guayaquil West mission for the insurance company by Sunday. If we do not have the Doctor or Clinic listed, we cannot receive insurance coverage for the future. Hermana Williams and I spent several hours yesterday going to various doctor offices and clinics in Guayaquil. Then we had to document all this information into the Church medical program, eMed log. It was neat to see the different offices and clinics and meet several doctors. It was a lot of stress due to the time constraint.

Wish I had more time, but we have a lot to do today!

With love,
Hermana Lyman

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