Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ecuador.... Only Nurse!


Now that my wonderful trainer has left me here alone and with a cell phone that NEVER stops ringing life has picked up quite a bit. Hermana Williams went back home Monday morning so last weekend we visited some of her converts which was neat. I can definitely feel the added weight and stress but am adjusting well. Most of the medications have different brand names so I have been constantly researching medications. I have several different packets that Area Medical Doctors have made with different medications for different problems to cut down on the number of clinic visits. These have been a great resource for me. Now I want to go to nurse practitioner school when I get back because I am LOVING it but at the same time stressed out of my mind!

My Spanish is far from fluent but this week I have been able to speak so much better and understand a lot more. This was my biggest fear that I would not be able to understand sick people that only speak Spanish but the Lord has strengthened me so much and I am able to understand most of what is being said. How great is his power and I know there is no way I could handle this calling without his strength. This week has been such a testimony builder for me that I am understanding phone calls that before I could not. I am so blessed. I am actually in a trio right now with the other two Hermanas that are my roommates. Hermana Blas and Hermana Aramayo that only speak Spanish so this will help me learn the language better as well. President Dennis told me he is searching for a new companion for me so maybe by Tuesday I will have a companion.

This week I had a phone conference for Aetna training, the churches new insurance, which will be effective December 1st. We now have to contact Aetna first and give them the information and what clinic or doctor we want to use to get approval then we can send the missionary. Also it is only with doctors and clinics that have signed contracts with Aetna which as of today we only have 2 clinics in Guayaquil because they are still in the process of adding more doctors.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Con Amor,

Hermana Lyman

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