Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Short But Definitely Sweet!


Thanks so much for the e-mails! Not much new to write about this week. My companion leaves Monday morning to go back home so I should get a new companion Sunday. I´m not sure if she will speak English but in all honesty I hope she doesn´t. We don´t speak Spanish ever unless we are teaching a lesson or in studies. I have progressed in the language just not as fast as I´d like. If I get a Spanish only speaker then I know I will pick it up in no time. I´m probably going to be really stressed for the next few weeks to adjust to everything. Also I will be the only nurse which means I now have all the responsibilities for that. Also we are changing insurance companies starting Dec 1st so I´ll be doing some training for that. 

We have 2 baptisms of a married couple 25 years old tonight. I still have a lot of progressing to do as a missionary but I would have to say my understanding of the importance of the gospel teachings has a whole new meaning now that I have witnessed how it changes lives. These people that pray for the first time and have prayers answered through the spirit and to physically see the change in families and homes is such a blessing. I am most thankful for the restoration of the church. I am so proud to be a member. Everything good comes from the church, it changes lives. I am also speaking in sacrament tomorrow over missionary work so I´m a little bit nervous but at least it is an easy topic! We haven´t made the video yet they keep pushing it back.

Love and miss everyone!

Hermana Lyman

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