Saturday, March 8, 2014


So new news for this week is that with transfers coming up this Tuesday we have been preparing for the new missionaries to arrive. We have 7 Hermanas and 5 Elders coming. This is so STRANGE that there are more Hermanas than Elders! Also President and Hermana Dennis are going to leave me in La Florida for 6 more weeks to train a new nurse that way I can leave Guayaquil one of these days and experience life outside the big city and see the coast! I love Guayaquil and the office but ready for a change. It will be so nice to have more time in the sector as well! We currently only have one assistant and a new secretary being trained in the office so it just won’t be the same without the original office crew that our mission (being new) started off with. We also have a new Region Medical Doctor, Dr. Bart, in Lima, Peru who is awesome. I’ve had the chance to speak with him twice this week and he about talked my ear off about how certain labs here don’t have the adequate equipment for certain testing and imaging procedures. Makes me super nervous for our missionaries that have to have surgery when the need arises. We are really blessed to have him and he is very helpful. This week we wrote a monthly report for the month of February with all of the missionaries with health problems that impeded their work.  This was by far my longest monthly report! Also two other reports, letters for zone leaders, and organizing binders for the other future nurses.  

Monday and Tuesday we were pretty much locked into the apartment all day because of carnival. During this time we went exploring and discovered that the 4th floor of our apartment building has stations for washing clothes and a WASHING MACHINE!!! WHAT.....almost 6 months of washing some of my clothes by hand. Oh well building character, right? Made me think of a lesson that Hermana Dennis gave in our Sisters’ Conference last week about ¨living below our privileges.¨ She showed us a Mormon video about a man who took a cruise and only ate canned beans and stayed in his room for the duration of the trip. At the end of his trip he came to realize that the food and activities aboard the ship were included in the travel fee and he had rights to everything the ship had to offer. The moral of the story is that Heavenly Father is willing to give us so much...and more. However most of the time we don’t care or even think to look outside of our own view to access all of the marvelous things this life and our Heavenly father is wanting to bless us with. Are we ¨living below our privileges? ¨

Love and Miss Y’all,

Hermana Lyman

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