Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

This foto is of 3 of my conversos--Rafael, Oswaldo, and Richard moments after they received the Melchizedek priesthood! What a wonderful day this was! Rafael (21) and Richard (20) are preparing for their missions and have been accompanying us with lessons. This week we I gave Richard Preach My Gospel and he was so Happy to receive it. Rafael went to a missionary get together with conversos, menos activos, and investigadores last night and bore his testimony about the gospel and thanked me for teaching him and the change the gospel has brought to his life. I teared up a little bit and it meant so much to me to hear that. He has also gone to the temple a few times and is so faithful! Oswaldo is gold through and through. 

My Compi, Hermana Smith, My New Yorker. She speaks a bit of Chinese, completed a year at BYU, plays the harp, lived in Beijing, China for 6 weeks and loves Chinese Medicine.

Some random cute kid with his gorgeous hair! Everybody drives motos and all.

This a view of some of the houses in part of our sector, Las Lomas. In one of the photos you can actually see the church at the end of the street. The chapel is beautiful with big palm trees.

My most recent convert, Michelle (22) I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her and her BEAUTIFUL family. This week she invited us over to teach her about family home evening and Monday we are planning on having it with her family. She is so gorgeous. This photos are after her wedding....wonderful day.

Michelle and Orlando in front of the temple.

Michelle holding her wedding licence...she was GLOWING all weekend!

Hermana Chillagillo one of my favorite Mamitas! She is an awesome cook.

El Centro, edificios bonitos!

My converts Rafael and Bella. Rafael baptized his mom shortly after his baptism.

Elder Lopez and I in the CCM in Mexico City! Sure he is doing great things in Chile!

Miscellaneous pictures!

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