Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sister Appreciation!

This week we actually had a women's conference for all 40 Hermanas which was so wonderful. We attended a temple session Tuesday night which was well needed and therapeutic. We stayed the night at the temple housing which was so much fun, like a slumber party with the sisters and the view was incredible of the temple at night from our room. The next day we had a conference at the mission home and President gave a talk about his wife and their life together which was so amazing to hear. He teared up a few times and really gave a wonderful talk about the influence of mothers in their homes. Also Hermana Dennis gave an inspirational talk and had a lovely lunch. It was such a stress reliever for all of the Hermanas myself included! We are going to have these conferences at least 2 times a year however H. Dennis wants to be able to do them every 3 months.

With the increase of sick missionaries and clinical visits I have had little to almost no time in the sector this month. President told me he was going to move me to a sector closer to the office and that I would be more of an office missionary but I really want my time in the sector. It is what makes me happy and especially on bad days. Teaching the gospel to others works wonders. So I have some WONDERFUL news that I am very excited about. There will actually be 4 hermana companionships assigned to 3 different zones that will receive calls for those zones. Right now I have started training my companion and in 2 weeks with transfers she will train someone else and I will as well. I will receive weekly calls from the other nurses to receive reports on their zones or if they need help or anything out of the ordinary they call me. This is how the Guayaquil South Mission has their nursing system set up and it seems to work really well for the mission. President Torres from the South came to the office this week with 4 of his nurses and gave a presentation on how the system works etc. They also have an R.N. and it was so neat to meet her. She told me that she is able to focus more on the documentaion in EMED log, reports, stats, and prevention with other nurses in the zones. Needless to say I am very thrilled about this! Also she explained that she is able to do the work that requires internet outside the office at cybers to do her documentaion and right now is actually serving in Cuenca outside of Guayaquil. So I might be able to go elsewhere in the mission!

This weekend was wonderful! We had our investigador, Michelle, get married yesterday and baptized today. Her husband has been menos activo for years and now is coming back to church! They have 2 beautiful children and we love them so much! It is amazing how fast people progress in the gospel and change from the Book of Mormon. They have been reading their scriptures faithfully and it has been a marvelous wonder to see the change in their lives. After their civil wedding we walked the temple grounds and actually got to sit inside the temple. They are so happy and excited to get sealed as a family in a year. Michelle is GLOWING. This is why I am here in Ecuador, a beautiful reminder.

Hermana Lyman

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