Sunday, February 16, 2014

Busy Week, But Still Fulfilling

I had quite the stressful week with 15 people who had clinical visits and there is actually an elder in the hospital right now with new onset diabetes. His blood sugar was 500! It has been staying around 200 now that he  has been on an insulin drip and getting fluids for a day. We hope he will be released today. We had two sisters that had endoscopies because they can´t eat anything without vomiting and or diarrhea for 2 weeks or more despite every medication known to mankind including La Bomba. We also have several missionaries that have pre-existing health issues that they did NOT list in their mission papers so I have 3 people I need to write reports on for the area medical doctor. The increase in sick missionaries has gotten out of control! This week my companion and I are actually going to be spending a lot more time in the office to organize treatment regimens and intreventions for prevention of illnesses. Many of these Elders only want to drink Cola even when they are SICK! Or want to help owners catch their dogs and refuse to take the rabbies shots after the dog bites them. I hate to be stern with them but they just dont get it sometimes.

We actually had a cool thing happen this week. We had a reference from a member that we went to contact and actually followed the directions exactly but turned out to be a different family and the member had given us the wrong direction.  The father, Wilmer, was so friendly and introduced us to all 6 of his kids. We made an appointment for the next day and 3 of his kids are getting baptized this month.  His ex-wife left him and her 2 kids from another man so he has their 4 kids and 2 of hers from her prior spouse. They don´t have running water and live in a tiny cinderblock house with a tin roof.  Wilmer works everyday and can´t attend church but wants to be baptized so badly.  He does EVERYTHING for his family and is so loving.  We are excited to teach him about keeping the sabbath day holy and tithing and the blessings he will receive!  I actually teared up in ward council meeting talking about them.  To have nothing but yet be so loving and giving of the things you do have.
Love and Miss Yáll,
Hermana Lyman

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