Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Year Left

It has been quite interesting to me to see how my weeks go.  I have weeks were I can focus mostly on our investigators and work in the sector and weeks where I am spending most of my time in the office or on the phone with sick missionaries or doctors. This week was almost completely nursing with only a few hours in our sector this week. Our numbers are so LOW....never ever have my numbers been this low.  We have only been averaging about 2.5 hours daily in the sector this week. Yesterday alone, we counted, and I had 18 different missionaries call for varies health issues. I have to report all of these to President, document in EMED log, send them different medications and treatment regimens, and make appointments. With this being said the Area Medical Adviser, Dr. Piepgrass, and I have become pretty good friends. He is going to make a great reference for my job application one day. Also I am really wanting to go back to school when I get back for nurse practitioner....hopefully it will still be a masters program when I get back and not a doctorate.
Love and Miss Yáll,

Hermana Lyman 

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